Action Alert: Non-Citizen Voting Hearing TOMORROW

Free Maine Action Alert!

Public Hearing TOMORROW on legislation to prohibit non-citizens from voting in Maine elections

The Maine Legislature’s Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs will be hearing a bill to amend the Maine Constitution to clearly prohibit non-citizens from voting in Maine elections --- including municipal elections.

Click HERE to Tell the
Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee
"Protect Citizenship Voting Requirements"

(Be sure to include your name and town)

Isn't it ironic that some folks are so concerned with outside influence in our elections... yet Mayor Ethan Strimling of Portland wants to give the right to vote to non-citizens? (I guess it's okay so long as they aren't Russian!)

That's why our good friend, Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham, has sponsored important legislation, LD 186, to secure our vote. Here are the details:

Non-Citizen Voting Public Hearing

Tomorrow, Monday March 11
10:00 AM - Public Hearing starts

Room 437 in the State House,
Augusta, ME

It’s very important we make our voices heard, so please try to make it.

If you cannot make it, please take a moment right NOW and tell the VLA Committee to "Protect Citizenship Voting Requirements."

For your convenience, I have drafted a message you can use. But this is your message, so please feel free to edit or rewrite completely.

As a citizen of the state of Maine, I ask you to support the passage of LD 186, "RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Specify the Qualifications of Electors," to ensure that only citizens have the right to vote in Maine's elections.

For all of American history, voting has been a privilege reserved for citizens. But today in Maine, elected officials in cities like Portland are attempting to throw away this long-standing requirement.

We have a process of naturalization for a reason. Many immigrants to Maine come from nations where they have never experienced real democracy. Even those coming from democratic nations have not experienced the United States’ unique constitutional system of democracy. That's why new citizens must pass a test on American history and civics in order to earn the right to vote.

If a person chooses to immigrate to the United States, choosing to becoming a citizen should mean something. Giving the vote to those unwilling to make that choice demeans centuries of sacrifice and hard work by those who struggled to become Americans.

Please vote to support LD 186 and protect citizenship voting requirements.

[Name, Town]

Hope to see you there tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support!

Let's Free Maine!
Eric Brakey
Founder, Free Maine Campaign


P.S. Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling wants non-citizens to vote in our elections, despite longstanding American tradition that only citizens can vote.

That's why Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham is sponsoring legislation to amend the Maine Constitution and make it crystal clear: only citizens can vote in Maine's elections.

The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee is holding a public hearing tomorrow on this legislation and I hope you can join me there. If you cannot make it, please take a moment right now and tell the VLA Committee to "Protect Citizenship Voting Requirements."

Also, the Free Maine Campaign is supported by patriots like you. Please chip in $50, $25 or even $5 to help the Free Maine Campaign fight back to protect the freedoms and paychecks of all Maine people.

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