ACTION ALERT: Tell Augusta to Stop Taxing Overtime Pay!

Free Maine Action Alert!

Public Hearing TOMORROW on legislation to end taxation of overtime pay

Big government politicians in Augusta have plenty of ideas for new mandates to impose on employers to "support" their employees.

Sadly, these mandates result in employers being forced to cut hours, lay off employees or leave Maine entirely.

All this, of course, is designed to distract working Maine people from the fact it's the politicians, not their employers, who are robbing us all blind!

Maine people are already among the highest taxed in the entire nation.

But for Augusta, its never enough.

That's why State Representative Chad Grignon (R-Athens) has proposed legislation that would actually help working Maine people by eliminating state income taxes on overtime pay.

Click HERE to Tell the Taxation Committee:
"Stop Taxing Overtime Pay"

LD 963, "An Act to Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax" would increase the take home pay for some of the hardest working people in Maine --- without any job-killing mandates.

As The Maine Examiner recently reported:

[Rep. Grignon] says workers who put in extra time above and beyond 40 hours in a work week deserve to keep more of their money instead of being punished for sacrificing that time away from their families.

"Because of the way income tax is taken from workers’ paychecks, Grignon says it often doesn’t pay for a worker to put in the extra time and that any revenue the state thinks it would ‘lose’ from cutting the income tax on overtime it would make up in additional economic activity anyway...

“It’s time we truly look out for Maine workers and put them first,” said Grignon. “I’m moving forward with this bill and I hope to build a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers who will stand with working Mainers and make sure they’re rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice.”

Rep. Grignon is a General Foreman at Pine State Drilling and is an expert in drill rig operation, welding and geothermal installation.

Senate President Troy Jackson (left) has blocked Rep. Chad Grignon (right) from signing additional sponsors to his proposal to cut the state income tax on the overtime hours of Maine workers. Photos from Maine Legislature’s website.

But this commonsense legislation to reduce the tax burden on working Maine people has already faced opposition from Senate President Troy Jackson (D).

Earlier this year, Grignon's submitted a request for what is called an “open jacket,” which would have allowed him to continue signing up sponsors for the bill.

An open jacket must be approved by both the Speaker of the House and the Senate President. But while Speaker Sara Gideon agreed to approve request, President Troy Jackson refused.

“You either support the working people of Maine, or you do not!” said Grignon on Facebook in response to Jackson’s denial.

The battle lines have been drawn, so if we are going to stand up for working Maine people, we have to take action.

Tomorrow at 1:00 PM, this legislation to end the taxation of overtime pay is scheduled for a public hearing before the Maine Legislature's Committee on Taxation.

If you agree this is a commonsense measure to support working Maine people, please take a moment to send a message to the committee.

Click HERE to Tell the Taxation Committee:
"Stop Taxing Overtime Pay"

For your convenience, I have drafted a message you can use. But this is your message, so please feel free to edit or rewrite it completely.

Members of the Committee on Taxation,

As a citizen of the state of Maine, I ask you to support LD 963, "An Act to Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax."

Maine people are among the highest taxed in America and those working especially long hours deserve to take more of their paychecks home to their families.

While many proposals in Augusta claim to help workers by imposing job-killing mandates on their employers, LD 963 would help working Maine people by simply letting us keep more of what we earn.

Please vote to end the individual income tax on overtime pay.

[Name, Town]

Please note: if the above link does not work for you (as some email providers are not able to process it), you can click here to find the full email list for the Taxation Committee.

Thank you for taking action to support working Maine people!

Together, we are making a difference.

Let's Free Maine!
Eric Brakey
Founder, Free Maine Campaign

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