Augusta Politicans Betray Maine People with National Popular Vote --- Giving our Votes to New York, Chicago

We've been betrayed.

When Democrats took power in Augusta this January, I knew we would have to fight back against big spending, high taxes and gun control.

But I never stopped to consider they would attack the very foundations of our electoral system and sell out Maine people to big cities like New York and Chicago.

But that's exactly what happened yesterday.

Democrats on the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee overrode the Republican minority and voted (6 to 3) in favor of radical legislation (sponsored by Democrat Senate President Troy Jackson) to bind Maine's Electoral College votes to the so-called "National Popular Vote" (NPV) for all future Presidential Elections.

If passed by the House and Senate and enacted in enough states, here is a very realistic scenario that could that could take place next year:

It's 2020 and Donald Trump is running for re-election against Democrat nominee, Socialist Bernie Sanders.

On Election Day across America, Donald Trump wins the statewide popular vote in many swing states, including Maine, where high voter turn-out from working people in the northern half of the state put him over the edge with 52% of the statewide vote, resulting in Maine's 4 electoral college votes being cast for...

...Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Under this radical proposal before the Maine Legislature, it wouldn't matter how Maine people voted.

Our votes for President would be cast based on how the entire nation voted, taking away our power as a small state and giving it to the big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Save Maine's Voice.
Sign the Petition AGAINST the "National Popular Vote."

Maine benefits from the Electoral College because it was designed so small states like ours (not only large population states), would have a real voice in the election of US Presidents.

Here's the math that anyone, even the politicians, should be able to understand:

  • There are 538 votes in the Electoral College. Of those, Maine has 4 votes. This accounts for 0.74% of the overall electoral vote.

  • The national population is 325.1 million. Maine has a population of 1.3 million. This accounts for 0.4% of the overall national population.

Under the current Electoral College system, Maine's impact as a state is nearly DOUBLE what it would be under a National Popular Vote.

Because of this system, presidential candidates visited our state in 2016.Donald Trump came to Lisbon, Maine to hear our concerns and earn our votes...

But under an NPV system, presidential candidates will not be able to afford the time and resources to visit small states like Maine.

In future elections, presidential candidates would have to spend all their time and resources in the urban population centers of America in order to win.

Maine would be left behind. Our voice would be diminished and our relatively small pocket of votes would be ignored.

Save Maine's Voice.
Sign the Petition AGAINST the "National Popular Vote."

What are the arguments being made for binding Maine people to the National Popular Vote?

First, some say it's unfair for small states like Maine to have a strong voice in the selection of our President.

They say that our individual votes as Maine people should not count more than those who live in large population states.

If that’s true, perhaps its unfair that we have two US Senators as well.

After all, we only have 0.4% of the national population, but in the US Senate, Maine has 4% of the vote. Out of a sense of fairness, perhaps we need to ask Susan Collins and Angus King to both come home.

But none of these designs are by accident.

Our current system was established so small states would have a voice in our federal government.

And this gets to a fundamental question: "What is America?"

  • Is America a collective of undifferentiated individuals living under a single, centralized national government?

  • Or is America a collection of societies (states) that all deserve a seat at the table, composed of different peoples with varied interests, living under a decentralized federal government?

The truth is America is unique because we are founded on the idea that power rested locally with the people in the states.

We have a voice in the federal government, not only as individuals, but also as citizens of the State of Maine.

Binding Maine people to the National Popular Vote further erodes the principles of federalism that made America great and cements the power of a single national government ruling over us all from Washington DC.

Save Maine's Voice.
Sign the Petition AGAINST the "National Popular Vote."

Second, they argue that a National Popular Vote would better meet the ideal of "one person, one vote."

But this argument completely fails to account for the fact that there are no universal standards of voting across all 50 states.

  • Non-Universal Qualifications for Voters: There is no universal standard for who can vote.

    • In some states (like Maine) convicted felons are allowed to vote (even while serving in prison), while in other states (like Iowa) they lose their voting rights for life.

    • Meanwhile, states like Oregon and Hawaii have proposed lowering the voting age to 16 years old, while the rest of the states maintain the voting age at 18 years old.

  • Non-Universal Methodology for Voting: There is no universal standard for how people vote.

    • Some states (like Oregon) require people to vote by mail, while most states (like Maine) allow people to vote in person on Election Day.

    • Most states (like Wisconsin) require voters to present identification to vote, while others (like Maine) do not.

    • Some states (like Maine) allow same-day voter registration, while other states (like Florida) do not.

There are so many differences across the 50 states affecting who and how people are able to vote that adding the votes of all Americans together in a so-called "National Popular Vote" is adding apples and oranges.

The only way such a system could possibly work is if Washington DC abolished the right for states to set their own election laws and established a universal election system, which would violate the 10th Amendment of our Constitution.

Until that happens, NPV completely fails to further the ideal of "one person, one vote."

From the bottom of my heart, I believe we must do everything we can to stop Augusta Democrats from stealing our Electoral College votes under this "National Popular Vote" scheme.

Here's what you can do TODAY to make a difference.

  1. Sign the Petition to #SaveMainesVoice
    and Oppose the National Popular Vote.

  2. Contact your State Representative and your State Senator
    Tell them to "Save Maine's Voice. Vote 'No' on National Popular Vote."

  3. Forward this E-Mail to 5 friends and encourage them to take action.

Thank you for all your support. Together, I know we can make a difference.

Let's Free Maine!
Eric Brakey,


P.S. Augusta Democrats are attacking the very foundation of our electoral system by pushing radical legislation that would bind the votes of Maine people to the so-called "National Popular Vote" for all future Presidential elections.

This would diminish Maine's voice and give more power to big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to pick future US Presidents.

Please take a moment now to Save Maine's Voice and Sign the petition AGAINST a "National Popular Vote."

And if you have already signed the petition, please chip in $50, $25 or even $5 to help the Free Maine Campaign fight back to protect the freedoms and paychecks of all Maine people.

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  • Jack Leeman
    commented 2019-03-09 09:23:10 -0500
    The state of Maine has no effective vote for anything good for the country.We have Collins who is A demon rat in republicans clothing and Angus King who is independent but really. Demon rat also.So it does no good to tell them what we want.Fired impeached or what ever it takes to be rid of them is the only answer.
  • Margy Spence
    commented 2019-03-05 21:50:58 -0500
    This needs to be stopped! Unfortunately being from Aroostook County both my Senator Mike Carpenter and Representative David McCrea are all about this and never once mentioned this crap while they were campaigning. If they had they would have probably both lost their election bids. How do we get this to go to ballot?