Sen. Mike Carpenter Votes AGAINST Aroostook County Gun RIghts

Senator Mike Carpenter voted against the gun rights of the good people of Aroostook County by voting for Michael Sauschuck to head the Maine Dept. of Public Safety.

  • Sen. Carpenter voted to put Mike Sauschuck, a Portland gun control activist with ties to NYC Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, in charge of issuing concealed carry permits and enforcing all gun laws in the State of Maine

  • Sen. Carpenter voted for a man who wants to (1) ban commonly-owned firearms, (2) confiscate firearms from Maine people without due process and (3) overturn the will of Maine people on the Bloomberg-funded Question 3 universal background check referendum.

Please call (207) 532-2491 or email to tell him that he needs to correct this betrayal of the rights of the people of Aroostook County by voting against Mr. Sauschuck's confirmation in the full Maine Senate vote.


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