February Round-Up

February FMC Round-Up

Between the Sauschuck confirmation, grassroots trainings, and Janet Mills’ budget, it was a busy month!

This is the first newsletter from the Free Maine Campaign, and we will strive to get these out every month.

Hundreds turn out for #StopSauschuck rally

Last month, an estimated 300 Mainers showed up at the State House in Augusta to protest the nomination of Michael Sauschuck as Maine’s public safety commissioner. The Bangor Daily News covered the rally and mentioned the Free Maine Campaign.

Sauschuck is the former Portland police chief and a leading supporter of gun control measures, including the 2016 failed ballot measure to institute universal background checks. It’s clear, now more than ever, that Second Amendment advocates must be both active and vigilant while Janet Mills is governor.

Unfortunately, the confirmation split down party lines, and the Senate confirmed Sauschuck, with all Democratic senators voting to put this anti-gun activist in charge of Maine’s firearm laws.

Thankfully, our fight is only just beginning.

Thousands of Mainers reached out to their lawmakers, expressing support for gun rights. Newspapers and TV stations covered the confirmation and rally, resulting in free earned media.

Our message got out —the message that Maine respects the Second Amendment, the message of freedom and liberty. We will not sit idly by while authoritarian politicians erode our rights.

The Free Maine Campaign will continue to defend our gun rights and closely monitor legislation this session in Augusta. Will you stand with us and contribute to the Free Maine Campaign today?

“Real Nature of Politics” training a success

Maine people from across our state participated in two Grassroots Political Leadership Schools hosted by FMC. Trainings were held in Hollis and Hermon, and over 50 activists participated. Many thanks to the good people at Buxton-Hollis Rod & Gun Club and Trident Armory for hosting the trainings!

These trainings are designed to empower citizen activists and develop more grassroots leaders. Over the weekend, Maine people learned how to hold politicians accountable and create “brushfires of liberty” in the minds of our fellow Mainers.

Here is what some folks said after the class:

“This class armed me with all the right tools to defend liberty from politicians in Augusta.” - Robert Duhaime, Surry

“I am glad I took the class, it was well worth my time. It was informative, motivating, and the instructor was very engaging.” - Mark Taylor, Sanford

“It was a great course with valuable takeaways we can apply locally and statewide.” - Richard Coshow

“The leadership class was extremely fun and incredibly educational. If you are already involved, or are interested in getting involved in politics, and want to find a better way to revitalize the torch of liberty, I urge you to take this class.” - Tiffany Moody

The Free Maine Campaign is supported by activists like you. Please donate today!

Janet Mills unveils her budget

Last month, Gov. Mills announced her proposed budget for Maine. Her budget comes in at a whopping $8.06 BILLION dollars and represents an 11% increase from Maine’s current budget. Gov. Mills’ budget spends the surplus accrued under former-Gov. LePage while increasing spending. 

Our state is just starting to rebound after decades of tax and spend policies from the left; we can’t turn the clock back now. The governor’s budget jeopardizes Maine’s economy for decades to come. Reach out to your lawmakers today and ask they only approve a fiscally sound budget, not one that borrows from future generations.

Please use this form on the governor's website to let her know you disapprove of her proposed budget and urge her to support a budget that doesn't tax and spend Maine's economy back into the ground.

Quick hits

Carbon Tax Bill - Last week, dozens of Mainers testified against LD 434, a bill that would institute a carbon tax for Maine. Hardly anyone showed up in support of the bill and the Energy Committee effectively killed it by opting to study the issue rathing than passing the bill. Check out my testimony against LD 434.

National Popular Vote Bill - A bill before the legislature would bind Maine's electoral votes to the national popular vote winnter. This bill would diminish Maine's voting power by HALF. Today, the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee voted 6-3 in favor of the bill, so it’s important to reach out to your lawmakers. Sign the petition today to Save Maine's Voice!

Rep. William "Billy Bob" Faulkingham - Freshman representative from Winter Harbor has introduced two great bills. LD 186 is a resolution that supports amending the Maine Consituition so that only American citizens may vote in local and state elections. LD 186's public hearing is March 11 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 437 of the State House. LD 677 amends Maine's rules regarding asset forfeiture by law enforcement, providing more transparency and oversight. LD 677's public hearing is also March 11 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 436 of the State House.

As you can see, February was a busy month in Augusta, and March is already heating up. Please forward this email to five liberty-loving Mainers and urge them to get involved with the Free Maine Campaign. Please consider donating $100, $50, $20, or whatever you can spare to the campaign. Together, we can fight for Maine and preserve liberty in the Pine Tree State.

Warm regards,
Eric Brakey
Founder, Free Maine Campaign

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