Imagine it is election season again and time for Maine people to cast their votes for U.S. president. The race is down to two contenders: Martin B. Urban and Sarah R. Town.

During the campaign, candidate Town has made several visits to Maine, appealing to Mainers with a message to support opportunity for rural, working people. Meanwhile, candidate Urban has ignored people in small states such as Maine, concentrating all his efforts on population centers — New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

On Election Day, Maine people come out in droves to vote for Sarah Town, who wins a landslide 60 percent of the statewide vote. As a result, Maine’s four electoral votes are cast for… Martin Urban.

How could that happen? How could Maine’s electoral votes for U.S. president be cast for the candidate Mainers rejected?

Under new legislation by Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson, which seeks to bind Maine’s electoral votes to the so-called “National Popular Vote,” it wouldn’t matter how Maine people vote. Big urban centers such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles would have more say on how Maine’s votes are cast than Maine people would...

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