Dear Fellow Patriot,

With the backing of NYC Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his gun grabbing puppets in Augusta, the threat of so-called "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Order legislation is growing by the day.

If passed, government goons could burst into your home and seize your guns with ZERO due process.

You don't get to defend yourself in court or even see what you're accused of. All that has to happen is someone complains about you!

It is already happening in California, Maryland (where a terrified gun owner was shot dead at home just after 5 am) and a few other extreme anti-gun states. But now politicians right here in our state are in a rush to make it a MAINE law.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your "No Red Flag Gun Confiscation" Petition right away!

We will deliver your petition to your lawmakers at our expense before any "Red Flag" bills are voted on in Augusta.

Let's Free Maine!
Eric Brakey
Free Maine Campaign

Petition to my Representatives and Senators:
"No Red Flag Gun Confiscation!"

WHEREAS, Speaker Sara Gideon (D - Freeport) and Senator Rebecca Millett (D - Cape Elizabeth) have sponsored LD 1312 to strip Maine people of their guns with ZERO due process through Gun Confiscation Orders; and

WHEREAS, the proposal violates the Declaration of Rights of the Maine State Constitution, which states that "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law..." (Article I, Section 6-A), and "Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned" (Article I, Section 16); and

WHEREAS, Gun Confiscation Orders would have a chilling effect on free speech by frightening gun owners into not speaking out about their beliefs for fear of having their guns seized by the state;

WHEREAS, a Gun Confiscation Order in the state of Maryland has already resulted in the death of an innocent gun owner, 61-year-old Gary Willis;

THEREFORE, on behalf of Second Amendment supporters in Maine, I urge you to vote "NO!" on any gun control scheme that reaches the floor of the Maine Legislature, including so-called "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Legislation.

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Michael L MacFarland
frank knight
Barbara Reitchel
James Brown
Dennis Higgins
William S Parsons
Tim Schunk
Pauline Sodermark
Chris Drew
Autumn Brook
Joseph Szafir
John Dykstra
Gerald Galbreath
Rae Jewell
James Andrews
Neal Merrill
Morgan Southworth
Tim Raynes jr
Simon Cavilla
Charles Breidt
Andrew Cloutier
Douglas Libbey
James Smith
Daniel Woodcock
Roger David
Brandi Schunk
kevin reitchel
Douglas Alexander
Hank Poirier
Mariann Barbano
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  • Michael L MacFarland
    signed 2019-04-16 21:43:05 -0400
  • frank knight
    signed 2019-04-16 21:29:34 -0400
  • Barbara Reitchel
    signed via 2019-04-16 21:11:43 -0400
  • James Brown
    signed 2019-04-16 21:10:05 -0400
  • Dennis Higgins
    signed 2019-04-16 21:02:28 -0400
    Dennis Higgins
  • William S Parsons
    signed 2019-04-16 21:00:24 -0400
    The BEGINNING is coming SOON !
  • Tim Schunk
    signed 2019-04-16 20:57:25 -0400
    Vote “NO”

    “No Red Flag Gun Confiscation”
  • Pauline Sodermark
    signed 2019-04-16 20:55:00 -0400
  • Chris Drew
    signed via 2019-04-16 20:39:28 -0400
  • Autumn Brook
    signed 2019-04-16 20:34:23 -0400
    As states join in the ignorance of becoming a unvetted sanctuary city State and defile Home Land Security agents and actions to protect the safety of Americans from dangerous immigrants, Why would any actions what so ever and lawful abandonment of Constitutional Rights to protect our families be even considered against the rights of all Americans and citizens of Maine ? Americans support our POTUS actions of building a wall to protect the ones we love inside. Maine must stop all actions against We The AMERICAN/MAINE People’s rights ,Laws to defend our selves from the dangerous and unwarranted actions that aim to harm and protects no one. No rule or law against law abiding gun owners will ever keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Stop aiming weapons of rules against law abiding gun owners in this state immediately. Your attentions need to be aimed at Portland ME sanctuary and be mindful the influx of unvetted immigrants “warning” selected for resettlement into these unlawful immigrant sanctuary states. Why don’t Maine state make that unlawful. Ban sancturay cities that’s urgent not unarming Americans and leaving us open as terroistic targets. Our gun laws active and lawful right now is why Maine isn’t the next terrorist or domestic fatality story you watch on the news. Every state decision maker needs to heed American’s lawful well armed LAW and stop attempts that will make, announce to terroisms as easy targets. We have repsponsible gun owners who are not the problem. End the harmful regulations of ignorance which this is #1 on all gun owners list to object lawfully. Be prepared Maine House this will be taken to the highest courts against any stripping of our lawful written gun ownership protections. Ban scrap and stop this over reach bill and unlawful attempts to disarm law abiding and protected by law gun ownerships in Maine. Automatic VETO of this unlawful approach By of and for We The People. Unalienable rights to protect against the taking of our rights,freedoms- sound familiar? Alcohol ,automobiles, agriculture poisons, medicine, wars, 5G EMF/RF,GMO,CRISPR human health harms …., Law$ allow them to harm, kill every day Why don’t decision makers address any of them? Food regulated invasive to sicken disease harm the health of all independent living systems. As a matter of fact People Need to Watch this

    Candida Auris: The Silent Super Bug Thats Already To Late To Stop find the video on Mike Adams Natural News Be heard and be visible Maine people please come to this hearing to help our decision makers see and hear testimonies to accommodate their information gathering resources from the people they serve and our rights that must not be challenged.
  • Joseph Szafir
    signed 2019-04-16 20:31:57 -0400
  • John Dykstra
    signed 2019-04-16 20:29:14 -0400
    There are already laws on the books that would be more effective and still honor due process and 2nd Amendment rights under the US and Maine Constitutions. While a noble idea, this bill is a recipe for disaster as unsuspecting gun owners would be subjected to surprise searches and confiscation of their legally owned property without ever having committed a crime to justify such action.
  • Gerald Galbreath
    signed 2019-04-16 20:21:45 -0400
  • Rae Jewell
    signed 2019-04-16 20:10:51 -0400
  • James Andrews
    signed 2019-04-16 20:09:04 -0400
    NO red flag laws! they violate due process, and are 100% unconstitutional!
  • Neal Merrill
    signed 2019-04-16 19:51:12 -0400
  • Morgan Southworth
    signed 2019-04-16 19:42:14 -0400
  • Tim Raynes jr
    signed 2019-04-16 19:37:46 -0400
    Maine doesn’t need unconstitutional red flag laws! We have some of the lowest crime rates in the country….you don’t need to try to fix what isn’t broken!

    -Tim Raynes Jr
  • Simon Cavilla
    signed 2019-04-16 19:26:40 -0400
  • Charles Breidt
    signed 2019-04-16 19:18:06 -0400
  • Andrew Cloutier
    signed 2019-04-16 19:15:58 -0400
  • Douglas Libbey
    signed 2019-04-16 19:14:28 -0400
  • James Smith
    signed 2019-04-16 19:14:18 -0400
    It’s already too easy to deprive citizens of their rights.

    Someone makes an accusation and you’re arrested and now you must pay to defend yourself from it……..

    So much for “Innocent until proven guilty.”
  • Daniel Woodcock
    signed 2019-04-16 19:10:14 -0400
  • Roger David
    signed 2019-04-16 19:06:53 -0400
  • Brandi Schunk
    signed 2019-04-16 18:54:00 -0400
    Thank you.
  • kevin reitchel
    signed 2019-04-16 18:49:56 -0400
    kevin reitchel
  • Douglas Alexander
    signed 2019-04-16 18:44:56 -0400
    Douglas A Alexander
  • Hank Poirier
    signed 2019-04-16 18:44:29 -0400
  • Mariann Barbano
    signed 2019-04-16 18:41:22 -0400