URGENT: House to "Re-Vote" on National Popular Vote

I'm going to keep this one brief.

Last week, the Maine House voted to reject the National Popular Vote. It was a great day, but the fight was not yet won.

But on Monday, the Maine Senate insisted that the House of Representatives do a re-vote.

TODAY, the House is expected to hold that re-vote on National Popular Vote and there is real danger it could pass!

Democrat leaders have had a full week to twist the arms of the 21 Democrat legislators who joined Republicans to vote against Democrat Senate President Troy Jackson's scheme to bind Maine’s 4 Electoral College votes for U.S. President to the so-called "National Popular Vote." 

If they succeed, they would strip away our voice as Maine people, giving our electoral power as a small, rural state to big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Of the 21 Democrats who voted "no," Democrat leadership only needs to flip 5 votes.

Our voice as a Maine people will survive or perish today based on this vote, so it is incredibly urgent that you take action.

Please take a moment RIGHT NOW to call and email your state representative.

Call or Email your State Representative

If your State Representative voted "No" on National Popular Vote:

  1. Please tell them, "Thank you for voting to Save Maine's Voice."
  2. Ask them to "Vote No on LD 816."

If your State Representative voted "Yes" on National Popular Vote:

  1. Please tell them, "I'm disappointed with your vote to strip Maine people of our electoral voice."
  2. Ask them to redeem themselves and "Vote No on LD 816."

CLICK HERE to find your State Representative.
(And see how he or she voted at the bottom of this email.)

Thank you for all your support and action in the fight for a Free Maine.

We are leading the freedom resistance everyday --- with your help.

Let's Free Maine!
Eric Brakey
Founder, Free Maine Campaign

P.S. The Free Maine Campaign is supported by patriots like you. Please chip in $50, $25 or even $5 to help the Free Maine Campaign fight back to protect the freedoms and paychecks of all Maine people.


House Roll Call on LD 816, National Popular Vote

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