#SaveMainesVoice - Sign the Petition AGAINST a National Popular Vote!

WHEREAS, the Maine Legislature is considering adoption of legislation that would award Maine's four Electoral College votes in all future elections for US President to the candidate who wins the so-called "National Popular Vote" instead of the candidate who wins the popular vote of Maine people;

WHEREAS, the Electoral College was designed to ensure small population states like Maine have a voice in the election of the President of the United States;

WHEREAS, a National Popular Vote for President would concentrate electoral power in the population centers of America, including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago;

WHEREAS, Maine represents 0.4% of the national population (1.3 million out of 325 million) but has 0.74% of the Electoral College votes (4 out of 538), the adoption of this legislation would cut Maine's electoral power almost in half;

WHEREAS, without universal standards for both the qualifications of voters and the methodology of voting across all 50 states, a National Popular Vote cannot meet the test of "one person one vote;"

WHEREAS, the National Popular Vote does not reflect a universal standard for the qualification of voters across all 50 states, as existing state and local laws differ on suffrage for non-citizens and convicted felons;

WHEREAS, proposals to lower the voting age requirement to 16 years old, such as has been proposed in the states of Oregon and Hawaii, could further establish non-universal standards for the qualification of voters;

WHEREAS, there is no universal standard for the methodology of voting across all 50 states, as existing state laws differ on requirements for voter identification, registration deadlines and voting by mail;

THEREFORE, we as citizens of Maine implore all members of the Maine Legislature to reject all proposals to award our votes in future US Presidential elections to the winner of a so-called "national popular vote" and preserve Maine's voice under the current Electoral College system.

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Cody Rubelman
Christopher Sullivan
Maurice Sirois
Pamela Slye
Aaron Steiner
Michael Haynes
Victoria Fields
Diane Napoli
Dane Rasmussen
WendyWe Lee MacDowell
Allen Fournier
Luann Voisine
Patricia Keyes
Lesley Arnold
Katherine Martin
Christine Ray
Zachary Harmon
Brenda Johnson
Calvin Stotz
Janette Plummer
Linda Eberline
John Dykstra
Norman Mitchell
Glenda Berube
Justin Barnes
Gerard Couture
Becky Sullivan
Troy Hatton
Richard Smith
Brian Michaud
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  • Cody Rubelman
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:48:20 -0500
  • Christopher Sullivan
    signed 2019-03-04 21:48:04 -0500
  • Maurice Sirois
    signed 2019-03-04 21:47:48 -0500
  • Pamela Slye
    signed 2019-03-04 21:42:53 -0500
  • Aaron Steiner
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:29:37 -0500
  • Michael Haynes
    signed 2019-03-04 21:23:42 -0500
  • Victoria Fields
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:23:26 -0500
    Please don’t jeopardize our votes!
  • Diane Napoli
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:20:33 -0500
  • Dane Rasmussen
    signed 2019-03-04 21:19:56 -0500
  • WendyWe Lee MacDowell
    signed 2019-03-04 21:09:59 -0500
    Definitely NO!
  • Allen Fournier
    signed 2019-03-04 21:08:59 -0500
  • Luann Voisine
    signed 2019-03-04 21:08:23 -0500
  • Patricia Keyes
    signed 2019-03-04 21:04:24 -0500
    I grew up in Vermont where our Senate was stolen from us under false pretenses. After a Massachusetts democrat ran and lost in southern Vermont for senate, he sued the state for having an elected office that wasn’t voted on by “one man-one vote”. He claimed it wasn’t “democratic” for voters to be limited based on districts determined by land acreage rather than population. The senate was stupidly dissolved and farming was destroyed in Vermont by overspending and bassakward regulations that farmers and rural workers could not afford.

    It is wrong to let densely populated cities, fond of liberal policies that only work when there are a concentration of people in a small amount of land, to force rules/laws that don’t work in the countryside on farmers and others who work alone or with little help nearby.

    People who raise the food you depend on for survival desperately need enough tax stability and to own enough affordable tools to work and protect themselves in their remote loneliness. They cannot if you overtax and over-regulate them to death! This is the cause of such extreme poverty here in Maine today! But you can’t grow the food you need in the city!!! Be warned!!!

    The electoral college gives people in rural areas the same power as those in cities. It levels the playing field.
  • Lesley Arnold
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:04:01 -0500
    Trump won the POPULAR VOTE by 3 million votes NOT COUNTING NY or CA. So why should only 2 states vote for the POTUS. Why would you take away the voice from the other 48 states ?? We don’t have a “peoples’ president;” We have a President of the United States.
  • Katherine Martin
    signed 2019-03-04 21:03:39 -0500
  • Christine Ray
    signed 2019-03-04 21:02:47 -0500
  • Zachary Harmon
    signed 2019-03-04 21:01:49 -0500
    Zachary B Harmon
  • Brenda Johnson
    signed via 2019-03-04 21:00:49 -0500
  • Calvin Stotz
    signed 2019-03-04 20:59:14 -0500
  • Janette Plummer
    signed 2019-03-04 20:57:39 -0500
  • Linda Eberline
    signed via 2019-03-04 20:54:07 -0500
    Maine residents, do you want presidential candidates to stop caring about your State? Just stopped coming. Your delegates will already be spoken for… so there’s no reason to spend time in your State. Vote “NO” on the national popular vote and make your State count?!!
  • John Dykstra
    signed 2019-03-04 20:52:55 -0500
    The electoral college exists expressly to give less populated states a voice in choosing the president. It is an ingenious way to ensure every area of the country gets fair representation. Legislating that all electoral votes go to the popular vote winner is a subversion of the Founders intent in establishing it in the first place.
  • Norman Mitchell
    signed 2019-03-04 20:50:37 -0500
    Norman Mitchell
  • Glenda Berube
    signed 2019-03-04 20:44:42 -0500
    Glenda Berube The electoral vote is the only honest and fair vote. I say we keep doing it that way. Too many people vote without facts or any knowledge. You can’t vote because of what you read in the biased media. Get the real facts.
  • Justin Barnes
    signed 2019-03-04 20:31:49 -0500
  • Gerard Couture
    signed 2019-03-04 20:31:26 -0500
    The popular vote will take away Maine’s vote. Stop the baloney.
  • Becky Sullivan
    signed via 2019-03-04 20:14:37 -0500
  • Troy Hatton
    signed 2019-03-04 20:11:21 -0500
  • Richard Smith
    signed 2019-03-04 20:06:20 -0500
  • Brian Michaud
    signed 2019-03-04 20:05:17 -0500