Your Petitions Against National Popular Vote Delivered!

Your Petitions Against National Popular Vote Delivered!

Thousands of petitions from Maine People delivered at the State House yesterday to Save Maine's Voice from Senate President Troy Jackson's bill to bind Maine's four Electoral College votes for President to the so-called "National Popular Vote."

1. First delivery was to Governor Janet Mills’ Office, leaving a mountain of petitions from people from all corners of Maine.

2. Then to the House Republican Office where Aaron at the front desk was happy to take the petitions and distribute them into the mailboxes of GOP legislators.

3. When I arrived in the House Democrat Office, I was met with a little more suspicion, but everyone was perfectly nice. As I placed full envelopes in each mailbox, House Democrats kept asking me what I was up to: “Just deriving petitions from your constituents against National Popular Vote.”

4. After a quick stop by the Speakers office to deliver petitions for House Speaker Gideon and the handful of unenrolled representatives, the next delivery was to the Senate Democrat Office. (For some reason, my own State Senator, Ned Claxton of Auburn, has more petitions from constituents than any other legislator.)

Not Pictured: Finished up with deliveries to the Senate Republicans and then Senate President Troy Jackson’s Office.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. The bill is sitting in the Senate right now and could go any day. Keep calling your Senators!

Take Action TODAY! Call Your Senator and tell them, "Save Maine's Voice. No National Popular Vote!"

  • Senate Democrats: (207) 287-1515
  • Senate Republicans: (207) 287-1505

Click HERE to see my video delivering petitions to Save Maine's Voice at the State House.

Want the facts on the so-called "National Popular Vote?"
Click here to get "just the facts."

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