Sauschuck's Anti-Gun Agenda --- In His Own Words

"We in the police and military are trained in handling life threatening situations, so we can do it, but you can't, no matter how much time you spend on the range."

Those are the words of Michael Sauschuck of Portland, speaking a few years ago at a televised forum on gun control.

Sadly, we are in danger of this many being put in charge of enforcing all firearm laws in the State of Maine.

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Who is Michael Sauschuck?

Sauschuck is the man Governor Janet Mills has picked to serve as Commissioner of Public Safety, which would put him in charge of enforcing firearm policy in the State of Maine.

He has been a leading activist in the gun control movement and sits on the Board of Directors for the “Maine Gun Safety Coalition,” a gun control advocacy group affiliated with NYC billionaire and gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg.

As Portland Police Chief, Sauschuck has regularly appeared in uniform to advocate for stricter gun laws, often putting him at odds with others in Maine’s law enforcement community.

In 2016, Sauschuck appeared in uniform (pictured above, alongside national gun control advocate Gabby Giffords) to urge voters to pass Question 3 --- a gun control referendum largely financed by Bloomberg.

And worse, new video has emerged (see above) of Mike Sauschuck rallying gun control supporters in Portland, outlining his gun control agenda to:

  • Criminalize the transfer of firearms between law-abiding Maine gun owners
  • Ban and confiscate commonly owned rifles on the basis of cosmetic features
  • Ban and confiscate commonly owned ammunition devices
  • Empower state government to confiscate firearms from targeted Maine people without constituionaly-requred due process of the law

Protect Our Gun Rights!
Sign the Petition to STOP Sauschuck!

Some have asked me, Why is Mike Sauschuck such a bad choice to lead the Department of Public Safety and the State Police? Sure he’s an outspoken gun control activist with ties to Michael Bloomberg, but the legislature makes the laws, not the Commissioner of Public Safety. Why does it matter?”

These are fair questions and they deserve real answers.

We might like to think that all the laws of our state are written by our elected representatives, but that’s not completely true.

Increasingly over time, legislatures across America have surrendered tremendous policy-making authority to administrative agencies in the executive branch, giving incredible room for administrative discretion.

Within that discretion, a Commissioner Sauschuck would have real authority to set policies that suppress the individual right to keep and bear arms, including potential for slowing down the application process for concealed weapon permits or denying  permits to people on arbitrary grounds.

But what’s far worse is what Sauschuck could do with the gun control authority Janet Mills and many in the Legislature want to give him.

You see, Mike Sauschuck is the perfect pick for a Governor planning an aggressive gun control agenda.

Our law enforcement community in Maine, by and large, is very supportive of the individual right to keep and bear arms compared to most states and many officers could be resistant to new gun control laws.

To implement an anti-gun agenda, Mills would need a committed ideologue like Mike Sauschuck at the head of law enforcement to ensure compliance with her new gun control policies down the chain of command.

One of the new gun control laws that Janet Mills, Mike Sauschuck and gun grabbers in Augusta have publicly called for would give government discretion to confiscate firearms from targeted Maine people without due process of the law.

That means you would have no right to know your firearms are being confiscated until the police show up at your door.

But we can STOP the confirmation of Mike Sauschuck by making our voice heard in Augusta.

How Can You Help? Take Action Today!

Step 1.  If you haven't already, Sign the Petition to STOP Sauschuck!

Step 2.  Contact the Office of Governor Janet Mills.

Tell them, "As a Maine citizen I support the 2nd Amendment and ask Governor Janet Mills to withdraw the nomination of anti-gun activist Mike Sauschuck for Commissioner of Public Safety."

Call Janet Mills: 207-287-3531
CLICK HERE to Send Janet Mills a Online Message.

Be firm, but polite and respectful.

Step 3.  Contact Your Legislators.

Make sure both your State Senator and State Representative know that you want them to protect our 2nd Amendment from Mike Sauschuck.

Tell them, "As your constituent, I support the 2nd Amendment and would like you to oppose the confirmation of anti-gun activist Mike Sauschuck for Commissioner of Public Safety."

Click HERE to find your State Senator.
Click HERE to find your State Representative.

Again, remember to be firm, but polite and respectful.

Step 4. Share this message with a friend.

To protect our constitutional rights from the gun grabbers in Augusta, we are all going to have to pitch in and make our voice heard.

Be sure to share this message with your friends on facebook and social media.

Step 5. Speak Up in Augusta

Early this year, there will be a public confirmation hearing on Mike Sauschuck before the Criminal Justice Committee and all Maine people have a right to be heard.

We must exercise that right if we want to protect our freedoms and I hope you will join us all in Augusta.

The confirmation hearing has yet to be scheduled, but stay posted and I will inform you as soon as information is available.

Let's keep working together to protect the freedoms and paychecks of Maine people.

Free Maine,
Eric Brakey

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  • Dan Haycock
    commented 2019-01-05 09:04:17 -0500
    Sauschuak sounds like the kind of guy the second Amendment was designed to product us from… Lol. (Not joking) gun confiscation never goes well for the disarmed.